Sustainably Sourced Wood Gifts

We’ve collaborated with makers from across the globe to source a collection of wood gifts featuring a sustainable hardwood - mango wood. Variations in the wood grain and finish mean each piece is unique and has its own little personality. Select your personalizations and your wood gift is made to order with at our facility in Lincoln, Rhode Island.


Mango trees are native to India, Myanmar and East Asia. The wood is most commonly cultivated in India - where we import ours from - but it is also farmed in Kenya and China.
  • Is mango wood sustainable?
    Mango wood is highly sustainable due to its cultivation as a fruit tree. Mango trees grow incredibly fast, taking roughly 10-15 years to reach full productivity. When the trees get older and taller, they become difficult to harvest and begin to produce less fruit. Once they stop producing, the trees are felled and replaced with new ones so farmers can continue producing fruit. A new tree will mature within 15 years. For comparison, an oak tree takes about 75 years to reach full maturity! This means that crafting from mango wood can help to relieve deforestation of other endangered and slower maturing species, resulting in a more sustainable wood option.
  • What are the benefits of mango wood?
    Mango wood is considered a hardwood. This makes it a strong and durable wood making it perfect for furniture - and of course our beverage servers and serving trays. It is aesthetically beautiful. With distinctive textures and patterns, variations in wood color, as well as beautiful wood grain, each mango wood creation is truly unique. 


Each wood piece is inspected for quality upon its arrival at our workshop in Lincoln, Rhode Island. We offer a beautiful collection of mango wood serving trays, beverage servers, clocks, and trivets all ready to be totally customized for you! When you place your personalized order, our team carefully decorates and hand assembles your gifts with care.


Custom Maps, Nautical Charts, and Simple Personalizations are available on:
Wood Serving Trays
Wood Beverage Servers
NEW! Wood Framed Art
NEW! Wood Clocks

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