All ScreenCraft Gifts are decorated and assembled-to-order at our facility in Rhode Island, USA from the best available components sourced world-wide.  

Marble Gifts

Our beautiful marble is imported from the Mediterranean region. Carved from large blocks, no two tiles will ever be alike. Variations in coloring, small fissures, and the tumbling process all add to the beauty of this natural stone. 

Marble Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

  • Coasters - 4" marble with non-skid cork backing to protect furniture. Custom cast iron coaster holder included in all coaster set orders (not included in coaster/tray sets).
  • Trivets - 8" marble with non-skid cork backing to protect furniture.
  • Clocks - 8" marble tile equipped with a battery operated mechanism and are ready to hang or showcase on our cast-iron display easel (included in all orders).


  • What is this material you use for your marble gifts?
    Our marble gifts are all 100% authentic marble that we import from the Mediterranean region. Natural imperfections in the tile add to the beauty of this product. Carved from large marble blocks, no two stones will ever be alike! Learn More about our marble products HERE.
  • Are the coasters absorbent?
    Not really. We use marble that is naturally semi-porous, not a manufactured bisque tile. While it has some natural absorbent qualities, this is not an absorbent product.
  • My tile has spots and a crack in it. What’s up with that?
    We use 100% authentic marble for our gifts...no lightweight polymers of funky resins. Since this is a natural product dug up from the good earth and cut from large marble blocks, it has natural imperfections, and we like it that way. We hope you do too!
  • How are the products made?
    We start with authentic cut marble that we put through a tumbling process that gives the edges of each stone an antiqued look. After we clean the tiles (it’s a messy and wet process!) we use the latest full-color digital technology to ensure beautiful artwork reproduction at our factory is in Lincoln, Rhode Island.
  • Will these tiles fade?
    We pride ourself in using the highest quality and most durable inks for customizing your personal marble gifts. However, like any image, with enough years of use or display in direct sunlight, you may see some fading. We recommend keeping your tiles out of year-round direct sunlight and cleaning gently with a damp cloth.



Our rustic wood serving trays are sourced from the beautiful, sustainable mango wood of India. Trays feature unfinished wood edges and are available in our popular white wash finish and NEW! burnt finish. Approximately 14" square with felt pads to protect furniture. Our tray surface is water proof! We recommend wiping with a dry cloth and storing dry.


Beautiful tempered glass boards do not absorb moisture making them an ultra-hygienic and ideal surface for kitchens. A perfect cheese board, cutting board, serving tray, or bar/kitchen accent! Rubber feet on the bottom add grip and protect furniture. 12" square.